Staff members

Laura Whitworth

Laura is the Owner / Manager of Raindrops Nursery. She has worked in childcare for over 15 years and is a qualified teacher. Laura is also the safeguarding lead and special educational needs co-coordinator, working primarily on a one to one basis with children who may require additional support when with us here at Raindrops.

Sarah Kenwrick

Sarah is the deputy manager here at Raindrops and has a level 3 qualification. She is also deputy safeguarding lead and special educational needs coordinator. Sarah works mainly with the preschool children (aged 3 and 4) getting them ready for their transition to big school. Sarah works full time and is responsible for the day to day running of the nursery.

Bethany Whitworth

Bethany works mainly with the toddles, (children aged 2-3 years old). She has a level 3 qualification and is training to become deputy safeguarding lead. Bethany also works full time, alongside Sarah.

Luca Taggio

Luca has recently joined the team, and is working towards his level 3 qualification. Luca started his time with us here at Raindrops as a student from the local collage, and loved us that much he applied for a job with us. Luca works part time hours and works mainly with children turning 3.

Jackie Kenwrick

Jackie works at Raindrops as cover staff. She has been deputy manager at a previous nursery and has a wealth of experience not just in nurseries but also in school. Jackie has a lot of special educational needs knowledge and all the children see her as a Nanny figure here at nursery.

Jennifer also works as cover staff for us here at Raindrops. She is a mother of two boys and loves to be around children, helping them learn to play and explore.